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Ranu Mondal Biography
The inspiring story of Ranu Mondal

Today everyone knows about Ranu Mondal but before some time no one knows her. It is the power of time and his art voice and a support or god for her Mr. Himesh Reshammiya sir given chance to her and in my thought, she fulfills her work very passionately. She is now a sensational singer of Bollywood, in every aspect she has to deserve that and we will pray to god she will success and touches new height in every step of life now we will share his personal aspects.
Real Name            -  Renu Ray (Also known as Ranu Mandal)
Date of birth          -10, October 1959
Hometown            - Ranaghat, West Bengal
Favorite Singer    - Lata Mangeshkar
Genre                    - Melodious Songs
Her Role Model   -  Lata Mangeshkar
Achievement        - Became popular singer overnight by just a single Video on Social Media.

Past life of Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal is a fantastic singer she holds such a who belongs to Ranaghat, West Bengal. Ranu was married Babul Mondal of Mumbai and she shifted to Mumbai after her marriage. After the death of her husband, she was financially very poor. Ranu also has one Daughter. Ranu’s Daughter stood away from her for about 10 Years as she didn’t like her singing on Railway Platform. But After the success of Ranu, her Daughter returned.

Ranu Mondal has sung a soul song with Himesh Reshmia sir and song is very trending right now because both of one very awesome work in the song. Her happiness is priceless and his success is all about sacrifice and his art.

Ranu Mondal makeover has also happened a few days ago. Pictures of Ranu’s makeover remain the subject of discussion on social media. The pictures feature a pink and silver colored silk sari. In this look, her makeup and hair is open with light pink lipstick. It is also difficult to identify Ranu in these pictures. According to the information, Ranu’s transformation has been done for a show which has been sponsored by the show’s makers.

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