Hello to all of you, today we are going to talk about the corona virus and will know how things have changed about it.As you all know, it started with the China wholesale market Wuhan  seafood market.The whole world is affected by this and the economy of the country is also. No one has invented its medicine yet. As the news is spreading, people are worried, schools and colleges are closed, many countries have declared it an epidemic.

Some facts about it-
corona virus is a group of many viruses
The virus has now reached 123 countries and more than 5000 people have died from it.
The World Health Organization has made it an epidemic.
The Government of all countries is making the public aware of this
More than 93 people have been found infected in this case
107 cases have been confirmed in India, out of which 90 are Indians and 17 are foreigners.
Corona has so far hit 13 states, 22 people in Kerala have got symptoms of corona, 3 of them have been successful in treatment.
Uttarpradesh has 7 corona cases
Today, Narendra Modi will talk to SAARC countries
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss Corona virus with heads of SAARC countries through video conferencing at 5 pm on Sunday. The discussion will include Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Maldives President Ibrahim Soli, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksha, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bhutan and Nepal's Prime Minister KP Oli. Assistant to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Dr. Zafar Mirza will take part in this video conference.
So far 5000 people have died worldwide from Corona.
So far 75 people have died in 611 South Korea from Corona in Iran.
In Italy alone, 1441 people have died from Corona so far.
So far in China, the number of people from Corona has increased to 80,824.
The number of people who died of corona in China has so far been around 3200.
The number of people worldwide suffering from coronavirus has crossed 1,50,000.
Controlling the corona has become a big challenge for health authorities to stop it from spreading. However, China is doing everything possible to stop it. The number of new cases has decreased there. At the same time, after receiving cases of corona virus in 123 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it an epidemic. An advisory has also been issued by WHO, which provides information about the symptoms of disease and its prevention measures.
Cases of coronavirus from 122 countries have been confirmed from China, reaching 123 countries. These countries include Thailand, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, America, France, Germany and United Arab Emirates. Let us know what are the symptoms and ways of prevention of this virus. What is corona virus? Coronavirus belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems ranging from a cold to breathing problems.
Government of India also issued advisory
The Government of India has also asked to inform the health center immediately on getting symptoms of coronavirus. A 24-hour control room has been prepared by the Ministry of Health. Contact can be made in the control room through the phone number 011-23978046. Apart from this, information about any symptoms of corona virus or any kind of apprehension can also be obtained by mailing to ncov2019@gmail.com.
Symptoms of corona virus
running nose
Sore throat
Feeling sick
Sneezing, worsening of asthma
Feeling tired
Pneumonia, lung swelling

How serious is this?
Commonly infected people due to Corona virus show signs of colds, but if the effect is severe, then death can also occur.

Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh says, "When we saw this new corona virus, we tried to know why its effect is so dangerous. It is not going to show symptoms like the common cold, which is a matter of concern." "
But why only China?
Professor Woolhouse says that due to population figures and density, people here get in touch with animals quickly.
He says, "It is no surprise that in the coming times, we should hear something similar in China."
How easy is it to spread?
Chinese officials say that many such cases have come to the fore, which confirms that the virus is from one person to another. Officials say that the reason behind saying this is that there have been many cases in which health workers caring for patients are also showing signs of infection.
How fast is this virus spreading?
Initially it was believed that the impact of this virus would be limited but since December many new cases have been reported. Although this transition started from the city of Wuhan in China, but now its transition is visible outside the country along with other cities of China. There have also been some cases of infection in Thailand, Japan, USA and South Korea. People coming through Wuhan are more prone to infection.
Experts say that it is not necessary that all the infected people have been identified. It may happen that there may be many such cases which are missed.

It is feared that this virus has reached millions of people in different countries with many people coming to visit China in the new year.
How upset are the experts?
Doctor Golding says, "For the information we have at the moment, it is difficult to tell exactly how worrying and difficult the situation is."
"Till the time we do not know the exact source, the problem will continue."If you like the information, then reach out to as many people as possible.Many companies have ordered work from home Around 5,000 people work on Twitter. Twitter has said in its blog that all employees work from home. Twitter has said that employees will also get money for working from home and necessary funds can be released to prepare the necessary setup.
Twitter has said that all types of interviews will now be online. In Twitter, interviews will be conducted for video conferencing, as well as selected employees will also be allowed to work from home. To avoid the infection of Corona virus, companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have canceled many of their events. Apple has also canceled its event on 31 March 2020. This event was the cheapest iPhone to be launched. Big tech companies like Google and Apple have also advised their employees to work from home.